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Certified By The Supreme Court Of New Jersey As A Workers Compensation Law Attorney

Issues The Lawyer & The Court Will Consider

Many issues are to be considered and developed to properly evaluate and prepare your case.  We will discuss these issues and concerns with you, so that we can properly advise you.  We will guide you through the process and prepare you for each step regarding the handling and resolution of your case.
Also note that some rights and/or benefits may vary depending on whether or not the injured worker is of the age of majority or a minor, is a full time employee, or a part-time employee, the salary earned, and other factors.  We will ask you the appropriate questions, and answer you concerns.

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When the issues of Medical Treatment and Temporary Wages are resolved, either voluntarily or by Court Order, then, and only then, can the remaining significant issue of Permanent Disability begin to be addressed.  This aspect of your claim generally requires the assistance of a competent Workers' Compensation Attorney, for the best results.  You need an attorney with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the New Jersey Workers' Compensation System, the law, the rules and procedures, the Courts, the Bar and the appropriate expert medical doctors.  

Salvatore Marabondo was the Managing Attorney of the Workers' Compensation Unit of attorneys for the Cigna Property & Casualty Insurance Companies for Northern New Jersey.  He has over 26 years of trial experience, dealing with these types of cases.  Salvatore Marabondo has been designated as a Super Lawyer in the field of Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Litigation.  Visit for more information.  He has given seminars and classes to attorneys and insurance personnel on New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law and on the handling of Workers' Compensation Cases.  There is no charge for your initial consultation, and no charge whatsoever to you for legal fees, unless we prevail in your case! Let Mr. Marabondo's expertise and knowledge of the Law and of the system, work for you, and to your advantage.

An Overview

Worker's Compensation generally refers to any and all work injuries and accidents.  There are exceptions, and competent legal counsel can advise you regarding any specific fact scenario. Both specific accidents
and occupational exposures (over a period of time or use) are covered.  

Generally, employers in New Jersey are required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance.  They may post a bond, and be self-insured.  The employer must complete a form (First Report) when any employee is injured at work.  The employer, directly or through it's insurance carrier, must provide necessary medical attention.  If the injured worker loses a certain amount of time from work, as directed by the employer's designated treating doctor, the employer may owe temporary disability benefits.  These benefits depend upon the employee's wage, are paid at a percentage, and are up to a State maximum.  When the employer's designated doctor concludes that the injured worker is no longer temporarily disabled, or that he or she has reached the maximum benefit of medical treatment, those temporary benefits will generally cease.  If the injured worker, called the Petitioner, disagrees with the decision of the treating doctor, the Petitioner has rights to challenge said decisions.  It is at this point that a Petitioner may first need expert legal counsel.  Said attorney should know how to proceed; additional medical experts may have to be consulted, emergent motions, legal forms and applications may have to be filed, and Court appearances may be necessary.  


How Does An Attorney Become A "Certified Workers' Compensation Attorney"?

One must fulfill continuing legal education requirements;

One must be a member of the Bar for a minimum of five years; 

One must show that they have actively participated in the preparation and pursuance of numerous litigated matters;

One must pass a written exam which specifically addresses workers' compensation practice issues and procedures;

One must submit peer attorney and Judge references from those who would attest, acknowledge and confirm the attorney's skills, ethics and character;

One must show that they've completed the mandatory number of trials, the mandatory number of Total Disability Cases, and additionally that they've personally handled several hundred cases in a several year time period. 

Certifications assist the consumer in identifying those attorneys who have reached a high level of competence and experience within a particular or specialized practice of law.  Salvatore Marabondo is Certified By The Supreme Court Of New Jersey As A Workers'  Compensation Law Attorney.