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Uninsured And Underinsured Motorists Claims ​

Uninsured and underinsured motorists claims are very interesting; and being represented by an attorney who understands these areas of the law can prove to be very beneficial.  Selecting the proper options when purchasing your personal automobile coverage can also provide tremendous protection for you, your spouse and your children in the event of an injury arising out of a motor vehicle accident.  Much of the coverage you have from your personal automobile policy covers you and your family even if you are not in your own vehicle, or even if you are a pedestrian.  Selecting the threshold option with the best coverage would, naturally, better protect you and your family.  The lesser coverage options could prevent you from pursing a claim, depending on your injuries, and some other factors.  The lesser coverage options, however, costs less.  You should carefully review your options, and then make your decision based on all your concerns, including the cost.
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Arbitration & Mediation  (Alternative Dispute Resolution) ​

​Over the last 15 years, various methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) have become increasingly popular.  These include the use of arbitrations and mediations.  They have been utilized in the area of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Claims, especially as such has been expressly dictated in many insurance policies.  Arbitrations have also been extensively used, as an alternative to filing lawsuits, in disputes regarding automobile Personal Injury Protection Claims (PIP) between policy holders, medical providers and insurance companies.  Both arbitrations and mediations are being utilized, and certainly considered, in other areas of negligence actions much more in recent years.  The advantages include a much quicker time, generally, to have your case heard than going through the Court system, and a somewhat more private forum.  Costs can also be considerably less.  Oftentimes, expert witnesses do not have to appear in person, as they would for Court; but rather, the evidence of the expert opinions can be submitted on reports.  This alone can result in savings of thousands of dollars.  In some types of cases, the alternative methods are ordered by the Courts.  In other situations you can request arbitration or mediation.  Note, however, that there are differences between arbitration and mediation, and among various types of arbitrations.  We can discuss these differences with you.

We are considerably experienced at both Arbitration and Mediation.  Salvatore Marabondo is a New Jersey court appointed arbitrator and mediator.  He serves as a Mediator, requested by other attorneys and insurance companies, and also appointed by Superior Court Judges throughout the State Of New Jersey.  He is a Mentor in the Mediation Program established by the Supreme Court Of New Jersey, and is approved as a Mediator by the Supreme Court.  He has also served as an Arbitrator in thousands of cases,  retained by the parties, other attorneys, insurance companies, and by appointment of Judges throughout the State.  The panels have varied from one arbitrator to three.  Salvatore Marabondo served for many years as an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration, hearing various types of disputes.  Recently, Salvatore Marabondo has been named as a Storm Sandy Mediator in NJ, and has worked on several of those matters.  Feel free to consider mediation or arbitration and to discuss them with Mr. Marabondo.

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Last Will & Testaments - Living Wills - Guardian Provisions ​

You really should make certain that you have your Last Will & Testament  prepared and updated to reflect your wishes and desires.  New Jersey has intestacy laws which regulate and direct to whom your Estate passes upon your death without a Will.  When you die without a will, anyone seeking to be appointed as the Administrator of your Estate will most probably have to pay and qualify for a Bond.  This is often an unnecessary and inconvenient expense. Having a Will would allow you to direct the passing of your Estate, and reflect your wishes.  Further details can be discussed with you upon consultation.  

Unfortunately, there are times when prudence would suggest that other legal documents should be prepared.  These could include: Power Of Attorney, Living Will, Health Proxys, and Guardian and Trust Provisions for your children.  We can assist you with legal advice and the preparation of these documents.  Please call The Law Offices Of Salvatore Marabondo at 201-792-0900 for your legal needs.

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Other Negligence Cases Which We Handle

We represent victims of all types of accidents.  Factors which are considered vary according to the type of case, the extent of the injury, the duty that the negligent party may owe to you, as well as other factors.  Various funds are or may be available to you if you were injured in certain types of accidents.  You may have coverage under different insurance policies, or various provisions of some insurance policies, which may either provide you with benefits (such as the payment of medical bills for necessary and related medical treatment) or a forum to seek money damages, or both.  You would have to be an eligible person, as defined by any of the various funds or Statutes/Laws governing such funds, or by the language of any relevant insurance policies.  Certain strict filing and Notice requirements may apply in some cases that are different in other cases.  Again, you need the expert assistance of an competent personal injury attorney.  

We have handled these various types of cases, in addition to Motor Vehicle and Workers' Compensation matters.  We have represented pedestrians struck by motor vehicles; accidents involving bicycles, motorcycles, buses and trucks.  We have also handled wrongful death cases; animal bite cases; injuries on elevators or escalators due to malfunctions; premises liability cases; dental and medical malpractice cases; injuries due to negligent caretakers; boating accidents; food poisoning cases; cases involving burn victims and injuries caused by uninsured and underinsured vehicles.  We have represented persons injured in warehouse accidents; those injured at construction sites, at train stations, in supermarkets, shopping malls, and other stores and premises, and those injured by dangerous and defective products.  We have represented those who have sustained scarring and disfigurement, fractures, neck injuries, back injuries, herniated or ruptured discs, other spine injuries, and face and head traumas.  

We have handled Workers' Compensation Claims for those injured in specific accidents and in occupational exposure cases.  Those include exposures to lead, toxins, asbestos, chromium, as well as other deleterious elements, chemicals and/or substances, and fumes and dusts. Some occupational claims have been for various orthopedic (and other) conditions, especially occurring as unique to certain professions or occupations - such conditions as chronic back or neck conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome and knee and hip disabilities requiring replacements.  The conditions have included internal disabilities, such as cardiac or pulmonary diseases and hearing loss.  These disabilities can occur from constant and repetitive activity and exposure to unhealthy environments or from activities over the course of varying time periods, or over a career. Sometimes, our clients have been the dependents of workers who have lost their life from the work exposure or accident.  

We have handled claims against individuals, large corporations, insurance companies, governments and others.  The Law Offices of Salvatore Marabondo is dedicated to obtaining fair and prompt settlements for your loss and injuries.  We will give you our time and best efforts, and the benefits of our legal advice and opinions to help you in determining if an offer of settlement is fair and reasonable under all of the circumstances of your case.  If the settlement is not reasonable or not fair, we will take your case to trial if that is your wish.