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​Do not jeopardize your case by carelessly posting on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and the like.  The insurance companies and their attorneys search for such information, and they may misconstrue anything they find and use it against you.  Be aware, and be smart.

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Additionally, please note that no attorney-client relationship exists between this Law Firm and any visitor to this web site, merely due to the visit to the site and/or reading any information contained herein.  The information provided is expressly not intended to be complete nor a substitute to retaining legal counsel.  Should you care to be represented by this Law Firm, you must consult with an Attorney at the Law Firm, and mutually agree on all terms of any potential legal representation.  You must telephone the office to discuss your particular case or to schedule an appointment if you would  desire to retain this Law Firm.  Contacting this Law Firm via any type of correspondence, e-mail, or via this web site, will also not constitute any attorney-client relationship.  Please telephone us at (201) 792-0900.


Salvatore Marabondo is a Jersey City personal injury lawyer and workers' compensation attorney (work accident lawyer) licensed and admitted to practice law throughout the State Of New Jersey.  He is a second generation attorney representing victims of work accidents and car accidents.  Charles L. Marabondo, Esq., (1961-2007) his father and adviser, and former Jersey City Police Officer, served as Of Counsel.  
Salvatore Marabondo has been designated as a Super Lawyer in the fields of Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Litigation, every year since 2009.  Mr. Marabondo is Certified by the Supreme Court of NJ as a Workers' Compensation Law Attorney. 

We concentrate our practice on the legal representation of those who are seriously injured.  Our client's include police officers, nurses, factory and warehouse workers, truck drivers, teachers, office workers and firefighters. We handle all types of accident cases, including, but not limited to, work accidents, car and motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death cases, medical
malpractice, dog bites, and slip and falls.  We handle accidents cases on roadways, at train stations, in warehouses, office buildings, supermarkets and shopping malls.   

We specialize in personal injury litigation and in the handling of serious and significant personal injury cases.  Each and every case is prepared as if we are going to trial.  Yet, we recognize that moving your case quickly is important to you.  Accordingly, we try to obtain the best results as quickly as possible.  We can also assist you regarding other legal concerns.    

We will provide you with an initial free consultation.  The Marabondo Law Firm will explain your rights, and advise you of the legal remedies which may be available to you.  We utilize the services of a Registered Nurse, who reviews medical records, does medical research, coordinates the securing of medical experts and exams, and assists with the preparation of the medical aspect of your case. 

Salvatore Marabondo is a Trial Lawyer, with considerable litigation experience.  He worked as a Litigation Attorney with a group of International Insurance Companies, and then was a Senior Trial Attorney and a Managing Attorney with the Cigna Property and Casualty Insurance Companies.  He knows how to best evaluate, prepare and present your case for maximum settlement value and for trial, if necessary. 
Whether your injuries were caused in a motor vehicle accident, in a work accident, by a slip and fall, or by the negligence of any other person, product or company,  we know what is necessary to get the best recovery for you.  We have a proven track record of impressive results. 

Our newly constructed offices were designed to be elegant, spacious and comfortable.  You may enjoy our breathtaking views, including those of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue Of Liberty, and the Jersey City waterfront area.  We are conveniently located within walking distance (one block) of the Path Train Station and NJ Bus Terminal, in the Journal Square section of Jersey City.  Our office is in close proximity to many major roadways.  We are a few miles from the Meadowlands Sports Complex on Route 3, in East Rutherford, NJ, and from the Lincoln Tunnel; and, we are approximately one mile from the NJ Turnpike, at exit 14C, and from the Holland Tunnel.


Certified By The Supreme Court Of New Jersey As A Workers' Compensation Law Attorney
Court Appointed Arbitrator & Mediator - NJ Court Rule 1:40


We represent victims of all types of accidents.  Factors which are considered vary according to the type of case, the extent of the injury, the duty that the negligent party may owe to you, as well as other factors.  Various funds are or may be available to you if you were injured in certain types of accidents.  You may have coverage under different insurance policies, or various provisions of some insurance policies, which may either provide you with benefits (such as the payment of medical bills for necessary and related medical treatment) or a forum to seek money damages, or both.  You would have to be an eligible person, as defined by any of the various funds or Statutes/Laws governing such funds, or by the language of any relevant insurance policies.  Certain strict filing and Notice requirements may apply in some cases that are different in other cases.  Again, you need the expert assistance of an competent personal injury attorney.​


Of Counsel (1961-2007)


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What does it mean to be a Certified Worker's Compensation Law Attorney? 
When the New Jersey Supreme Court designates attorneys as "Certified  Workers' Compensation Law Attorneys", it means that such attorneys have attained a level of experience and skill in the field of Workers' Compensation Law, and that they are proficient at the practice of law in this area. The Supreme Court designates lawyers as "Certified" only when they have met those standards and criteria mandated by the Court. Visit our 'Workers' Compensation' page of this Website to learn more of those standards, as well as other information regarding this area of law. Also, for more information, visit (log onto) the New Jersey Board on Attorney Certification at

Will I have to go to trial?
Most cases do settle, and a trial is rarely necessary.  This is according to our experience and based on statistical data.  The facts of the case, and the reasonable positions taken by one or more of the parties are often determinative. 

What is the level and quality of service that I can expect from your law firm? 
We pledge that you can, and should, expect the highest level of professional and competent service from our law firm.  We always promptly return telephone calls.  Also, we will give you a honest answer to any question, and a truthful evaluation of your case.  We will not merely tell you what you might like to hear; but rather, the straight truth.

What is the cost of your legal services?
Regarding most personal injury cases, we accept your case on a contingency basis.  That means that there is no legal fee charged to you unless we are able to recover money for you!  We always provide free initial telephone or office consultation.  Our initial evaluation time is free to you, even if we do not accept your case.

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